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This page includes Town Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions and Budgets.

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Town Council Meeting Agendas


Town Council Meeting Minutes



Abandoned Vehicles: 2004-5 Abandoned Vehicles Ordinance          

            2006-02 Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance Amendment

Basketball: 2019-01 Basketball Hoops on Town Rights-of-Way

Burning: 2004-3 Open Burning Ordinance

            2006-04 Open Burning Ordinance Amendment

Debris, Trash and Rubbish: 2004-4 Debris, Trash and Rubbish Ordinance

            2005-8 Debris Trash Rubbish Ordinance Amendment

Enforcement: 2003-17 Enforcement Ordinance

            2005-3 Enforcement Ordinance Amendment - Failure to Pay Fine

            2005-10 Enforcement Ordinance Amendment - Infractions

Floodplain Management: 2013-01 Floodplain Management Ordinance

Foreclosed Property Registry: 2017-01 Foreclosed Property Registry

Natural Gas Extraction: 2011-01 Natural Gas Extraction Ordinance

Nuisance: 2006-06 Nuisance Ordinance

Parks: 2010-01 Town Park Ordinance

Sewer: 2004-2 Sewer Use

             2004-6 Sewer Use Ordinance Amendment - Sewer Connections             


Weapons: 2013-02 Weapons Ordinance

Yard Sale: 2010-02 Yard Sale Ordinance

Zoning:  2013-03 Zoning Ordinance - with amendments through 2015

              2015-02 Zoning Ordinance Amendment- Community Center Use

             2015-04 Zoning Ordinance Amendment- Accessory Bldgs

           2015-05 Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Retail Commercial Industrial Uses

            2019-02 Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Basketball Hoops

            2019-03 Zoning Ordinance Amendment- Residential Living Facilities, Transient Rental Housing, & Miscellaneous Uses

          2020-01 Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Electronic Message Center Signs



2020-02 Support for the Garrett County Circuit Rider Town Manager Program

2020-01 Planning Commission By-Laws

2019-03 Resolution-of-Support for amendment to G.C. Liquor Control Board policy

2019-02 Community Legacy Grant

2019-01 Support for the Garrett County Circuit Rider Town Manager Program

2018-01 Hazard Mitigation Plan

2017-07 Adopt Garrett County All-Terrain Vehicle Resolution

             Garrett County's Resolution: G.C. Res. 2017-6 to adopt ATV ordinance

2017-06 CDBG Citizen Participation

2017-05 CDBG Anti-Displacement Plan

2017-04 CDBG Authorize Submittal

2017-03 Permit Fees

2017-02 Support for the Garrett County Circuit Rider Town Manager Program

2017-01 Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement

2016-04 Support for the Garrett County Circuit Rider Town Manager Program

2016-02 Sewerage Processing Rates

2015-01 Support for the Garrett County Circuit Rider Town Manager Program

2014-03 Support for the Garrett County Circuit Rider Town Manager Program

2014-02 Community Development Block Grant Authorize Submittal

2013-05 Agreement between the Board of County Commissioners of Garrett County and the Town of Mountain Lake Park to enforce the Town's Floodplain Management Ordinance

2010-02 Municipal Infraction Fines


Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget 

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget


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Town Officials

Town Council Members
Donald W. Sincell - Mayor - 7/2021
Bryan Fred Callis - Vice President of Council - 7/2020
Patrick Damon - 7/2020
Linda Fike - 7/2021
James Moore - 7/2021
Pam Nelson - 7/2020

Planning Commission
Patrick Damon - Chairman
Linda Goodrich

Zoning Board of Appeals
Karen Wooddell - Chairman
Leon Cardiff, Jr.
Gene Flinn

Town Employees
Lenora Fischetti - Clerk Treasurer
Jeff Meyers - Maintenance Supervisor
Willie Stemple

Code Enforcement Office
Jarrett Mahoney

William Rudd



NOTICE: We take the health and safety of our residents and employees very seriously. If you have a question or need information, please call the Town Hall at (301)334-2250 or email The Town Hall is now closed to the public.

Town Council Meeting -  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 6 PM at the Town Hall.  

8/13/2020 - The leaf truck is has been repaired! Pickup of leaves & grass clippings in Mtn. Lake Park on Thursdays has resumed.

9/25/20 - The last Brush Pickup for the year.

7/15/2020 - Election Results: The town held a general election on Tuesday to elect three members of the town council. Bryan F. (Fred) Callis, Patrick J. Damon, and Pamela Nelson, all incumbents, were reelected to their positions. A fourth candidate on the ballot was Jeffrey A. Hovis. Also serving on the town council are Linda Fike and James Moore, with Donald Sincell as mayor.

Wooddell Park is now open for the season. The use of playground equipment is prohibited during the current pandemic. The COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces for several days.

2020 Census News - Click here for link to Maryland's website.

* Lost & Found - Three umbrellas left at various locations during Chautauqua Festival. A set of keys were found in the road by the tennis courts. To claim them, please visit the Town Hall during regular office hours.

The Answers Have Arrived - In June 2018 the Mayor and Town Council of Mountain Lake Park hosted a public meeting regarding the proposed Oakland Bypass. Local residents had a lot of questions for the officials from the Maryland Dept. of Transportation (MDOT) who were in attendance. Mark Stutzman, on behalf of Engage Mountain Maryland, compiled our questions. Click here to read the responses.

Town Parks are equipped with video surveillance. All parks and walking trails in town are trash-free. Visitors are to put litter they generate in trash bags and carry it home. This will improve the appearance of parks and trails by removing trash cans that detract from the beauty of the environment. 


Fun Facts

The town picks up about 300 tons of leaves each autumn.

In 1881, Mountain Lake Park was purchased as 800 acres for the sum of $4,672.

Today, the town has expanded to 1280 acres with an assessed value over $100,000,000.

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