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Town Officials

Town Council Members
Donald W. Sincell - Mayor - 7/2025
Bryan Fred Callis - Vice President of Council - 7/2024
Patrick Damon - 7/2024
Linda Fike - 7/2025
Jeffrey Hovis - 7/2025
Pam Nelson - 7/2024

Planning Commission
Patrick Damon - Chairman
Linda Goodrich
James Moore

Zoning Board of Appeals
Karen Wooddell - Chairman
Leon Cardiff, Jr.
Gene Flinn

Town Employees
Lois Wilson - Clerk Treasurer
Jeff Meyers - Maintenance Supervisor
Willie Stemple
Dylan Stemple

Code Enforcement Office
Jarrett Mahoney

Michael Llewellyn



Town Council Meeting -  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 6 PM, at the town hall. They will be back to their normal schedule, of the first Thursday, in September.  

7/1/21 - At the July 1st Town Meeting, the Council voted to rescind the town's adoption of Garrett County's ATV law. No ATV's may operated in town under any circumstance.

Town Parks are equipped with video surveillance. All parks and walking trails in town are trash-free. Visitors are to put litter they generate in trash bags and carry it home. This will improve the appearance of parks and trails by removing trash cans that detract from the beauty of the environment. 


Fun Facts

The town picks up about 300 tons of leaves each autumn.

In 1881, Mountain Lake Park was purchased as 800 acres for the sum of $4,672.

Today, the town has expanded to 1280 acres with an assessed value over $100,000,000.

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